4flow webinar

Data-driven inventory management: advanced optimization and AI strategies

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 1-1:45 pm CEST


The success of any supply chain depends on the ability to use data to accurately predict demand, minimize stockouts and ensure customer satisfaction, all at optimal cost. With data-driven inventory management using advanced technology and AI, businesses are optimizing inventory like never before.



Dr. Laura Gellert
Manager Data Science
4flow consulting

Ole Hansen_HubSpot

Dr. Ole Hansen
Senior Expert Inventory Management
4flow research


Dr. Marc Schleyer
Partner and Head of the Digital Practice
4flow consulting

What you can expect

  • Unlock advanced forecasting, inventory parameter optimization and AI-driven optimization
  • Learn from case studies how data science can add value to your optimization process
  • See supply chain data in action with a live optimization demo

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